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Beauty Box with Masks

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Beauty box for those who want to spoil themselves, add a pleasant and effective ritual to the basic skin care. It will help make your skin care more complex and maintain healthy skin in spring and summer.

Suitable for all skin types.


The Beauty Box includes:

1.      MediPeel Herbal peel tox 120g

2.      MEDIHEAL Hair Sheep Steam Pack 2ea

3.      JMsolution Glow Luminous Flower Hydrogel Mask 2ea

4.      Abib Gummy sheet mask Madecassoside sticker 10ea


5.      Abib Rice probiotics overnight mask Barrier jelly 80m


6.      Dr.Jart+ Vital Hydra Sleeping Mask 120ml


7.      Volcanic Cluster Capsule Recipe Pack 10ml



MediPeel Herbal peel tox 120g.

A purifying peeling mask that will give you a detox effect, make your skin smooth, even tone and radiant.

The main ingredient of the mask is Sea Sponge Spicula Powder, which has a lot of benefits. The composition of Spicula Sponge consists of 60 different marine microorganisms, 21 types of amino acids and 14 types of minerals, which will help fill the missing useful elements in the skin cells. Moreover, the smallest particles of the spicule are able to penetrate deep into the dermis and restore and strengthen the skin cell structure. Spicules can stimulate collagen synthesis and have an antioxidant effect, and therefore will give your skin the strongest rejuvenating effect.

Complex of 9 peptides - stimulate the production of collagen, which increases skin elasticity, smoothes fine wrinkles and has a slight lifting effect

Complex of 4 algae - along with spicula, will fill the skin with essential microelements and nutrients.

Complex Cica 5 - the well-known Centela Asian and its derivatives, will help soothe the skin, relieve redness and irritation, as well as promote the healing of minor inflammations.

How to use: apply evenly to cleansed skin, avoiding the eye and lip area. After 15 minutes, wash off massaging your skin lightly.

MEDIHEAL Hair Sheep Steam Pack 2шт

A one step deep conditioning treatment for damaged, color treated & frizzy hair. This steam hair mask is effective for the deep conditioning of your hair damage and worn out by perm and dyeing. Simply put on the hair treatment cap to enjoy shiny hair.

KEY INGREDIEN: Goat’s milk has known as having greater amount of protein than milk and hydrolyzed collagen make hair softer and steaming opens hair cuticles and increases protein absorption. It gives more intensive hair care. Ingredients: minerals 88.0%, Protein 3.1%, lipids 3.6%, Lactose 4.5% ashes 0.8%

How to use: 1. After shampoo gently dry hair and gather all hair up, then apply hair pack. (On wet hair) 2. Remove paper back of sticker, and fix it located front of your face. 3. Lightly massage and wait for 10~15 minutes and wash off. 4. After washing & drying your hair, it will be silky and perfumed. * TIP : Recommended to use 5~6 times a month.

JMsolution Glow Luminous Flower Hydrogel Mask 2шт

JM Solution Glow Luminous Flower Hydro Gel Mask gives the skin vitamins, effectively moisturizes, improves the elasticity and prevents premature wrinkles. It refreshes the skin well, makes it bright and beautiful.

The main active ingredients:

Damask rose extract perfectly moisturizes the skin and improves cell regeneration processes, smoothes mimic wrinkles, normalizes sebum production and narrows pores, eliminates allergic reactions on the skin.

Lavender extract promotes tissue regeneration. It soothes, refreshes and cools the skin, perfectly soothes irritations and lightens redness and unwanted pigmentation.

Moringa extract protects the skin from the negative effects of external factors. Prevents the appearance of wrinkles, has a beneficial effect on dry and irritated skin.

Calendula extract provides antibacterial and antiviral effects, accelerates the healing of wounds and micro damages, moisturizes the skin, soothes irritations, relieves redness and itching, has anti-cupreous effect, normalizes the hydrolipidic balance of the epidermis, and absorbs excess sebum.

Niacinamide - Vitamin B3 - helps to stimulate collagen synthesis and improve the protective functions of the skin, helps to reduce trans epidermal moisture loss and eliminate pigmentation, softens, increases skin elasticity, moisturizes, tightens pores, and soothes.

3 types of peptides - increase the firmness and elasticity of the skin, accelerate the body's production of its own collagen and elastin fibers. Reduce the depth of wrinkles and prevent sagging of the skin. Strengthens the protective barrier of the skin.

Hyaluronic acid helps to retain moisture in the skin, increase its hydration levels and create a transparent protective film. The skin is thickened from the inside out, smoothed and rejuvenated.

Suitable for all skin types, including dry and mature skin.

How to use: Remove the mask from the package, remove the protective film and apply to the skin, first the upper and then the lower part of the mask. After 15-20 minutes, remove the mask and with gentle patting movements help the remaining essence to absorb into the skin.

Abib Gummy sheet mask Madecassoside sticker 10шт

The Abib mask fits tightly on the skin and brings it back to life. The mask stretches, adapting to the shape of the face, provides the skin with deep hydration, improving its appearance.

A distinctive feature of Abib masks is a large amount of essence and a super tight fit to the skin.

The absorption rate of the active ingredients determined by how tight the mask sits on the face. The microfiber mask adheres tightly to the skin without leaving any empty space. Experience the extraordinary softness of a microfiber mask!

Choose a mask based on the needs of your skin!

The active ingredient madecassoside nourishes and soothes skin that is sensitive to external irritants.

The concentrated essence in the mask is loaded with nutrients, your skin will feel hydrated and rested.

How to use:

1. Place the mask on the face, avoiding the area around the eyes and lips. After placing the mask evenly on the face, remove the blue sheet from the mask. * Do not remove the blue sheet before applying the mask.

2. The mask is suitable for any face shape. Stretch it to fit your face.

3. After 10-20 minutes, remove the mask.

4. Apply the remaining essence to dry areas of your body, such as your neck etc.


Abib Rice probiotics overnight mask Barrier jelly 80ml.

The mask that looks lika a jelly, will take care of your skin and strengthen it at night.

Contains rice flour probiotics!

A proprietary combination of nutrient-rich rice bran extract and probiotics for firmer, healthier skin.

The mask contains lactobacilli that protect the skin from external irritants during the day and maintain a healthy balance by strengthening the skin barrier at night.

Rice bran extract, grown in the pristine area of ​​Jirisan Mountain, leaves skin soft and smooth in texture. The mask soothes tired skin all day long.

The thick and soft jelly texture envelops the skin, providing easy care while you sleep.


Dr.Jart+ Vital Hydra Sleeping Mask 120ml.

Moisturizes your skin while you sleep.

The Moisturizing Night Mask is designed to deeply moisturize your skin and protect its own moisture barrier.

Night Magnet Technology: Improves skin condition and makes it healthier overnight.

Aqua Soothing Complex: Certified ingredients derived from plant glucose and xylitol hydrate and protect the skin's natural barrier.

Phytonicide helps to soften the skin by keeping it hydrated.

Double Hydra Complex: hyaluronic acid + algae extract supports the natural balance of the skin and strengthen it.

How to use: Before going to bed, apply generously to cleansed face skin, excluding the area around the lips and eyes. Rinse off with warm water in the morning.


Volcanic Cluster Capsule Recipe Pack 10ml. 

A unique mini-mask, filled with organic active ingredients, made to clean the skin pores, very convenient Capsule Recipe Pack.

A washable volcanic clay mask (30,000ppm), effectively unclogs pores by absorbing sebum and other impurities, controls sebum production.

Clay type washable mask, one pack of mask is designed to use 3-4 times.

How to use: Apply the mask to cleansed, damp face skin for 10 minutes (avoiding the eye area). Massage gently and wash off with warm water.

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